Okay One More Adding Network Load Balancing To Our High Availability Environment

In the previous parts we set up our BizTalk High Availability environment; using an Active <-> Passive scenario. Well in this post I’ll describe how to extend our High Availability environment with NLB functionality. In order to so so we will need to add one additional server which will function... [Read More]

Part 7 Biztalk High Availability Server Environment Biztalk 2010 Installation Configuration And Clustering

So, finally we’ve reached the part in which we will actually install, configure and cluster BizTalk Server 2010. As mentioned in my previous posts; I assume you’ve followed all steps mentioned in the previous posts. Okay let’s get started! Verify that MSDTC is configured Before we can go ahead with... [Read More]

Part 6 Biztalk High Availability Server Environmentbiztalk 2010 Failover Cluster Creation

Part 5 covered setting up our SQL-Server Cluster, so now it’s time to do the same but this time for our BizTalk 2010 Server environment. Once again this post assumes you’ve followed all steps mentioned in the previous posts. All right let’s get on with it Please note the following... [Read More]

Part 5 Biztalk High Availability Server Environment Sql Server 2008r2 Failover Cluster

In Part 4 we’ve prepped our SQL & BizTalk Servers so that they can be used as a basis for setting up our actual Failover Clusters. This post will assume that you’ve followed all steps as mentioned in Part 1 through 4. Well let’s get started with installing and configuring... [Read More]