Powerapps Are You Ready To Power Up

I still remember when I first I heard Microsoft was working on Project Siena (which later became PowerApps), the first thing which popped up in my mind was Visual Studio Lightswitch, which allows us to easily create business applications. Anyways I am digressing J … I might blog about Lightswitch... [Read More]

Howto Split A Flatfile Into Multiple Files And Ensure The Files Are Grouped Based On Content From The Source File Using Out Of The Box Biztalk Functionality

First of all… …a belated Happy New Year! I know it has been quiet on this blog for quiet some time, but I’ll clear this up in the near future once things are certain for a 100%   Well let’s get to it. Recently a colleague of mine, André  Ruiter... [Read More]

Exposing A Service Bus Topic Using Azure Api Management

Introduction Microsoft released a new service to Azure, called API Management. This service was released on May the 12th 2014. Currently the Azure API Management is still in Preview, but already it enables us to easily create an API façade over a diverse set of currently available Azure services like... [Read More]

Resolved Issue Sending Message From Windows Azure Biztalk Services Bridge To Another Bridge

Next week I will be doing a talk  on Windows Azure BizTalk Services  with regards on how one can add BAM functionality. During this talk a demo will be the ‘Pièce de résistance’. this demo is based on an article I have written earlier and which can be found on... [Read More]