Rene is a professional with a strong focus on the Microsoft Integration Stack, including products and services such a; BizTalk Server 2016 - 2020, Azure Integration Services (Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Grid, API Management, Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory, IOT Hub and more.

brief professional history

I started my IT career as a web developer/designer and designing and creating websites using classic ASP. Soon, my focus got more drawn towards developing client/server applications using a 3GL language called Centura/Gupta Team Developer.

Around the end of 2002, I got involved in the integration space, starting off with WebMethods and did this for the next three years with an occasional side step to .NET development. This occasional side step got him in touch with BizTalk Server in 2005 and, since then, he has been involved with most of the integration offerings Microsoft offers both in the Cloud (Microsoft Azure) as on premise.

Currently he is employed as a Principal Consultant at [Insight[( in Sydney, Australia.